Welcome to Miss Intercontinental Style

International and entrepreneurial beauty contest born with the aim of highlighting the charm and feminine talent and the cultures of the different participating countries.

Empowering young women

Through leadership and community service.  The competition will facilitate a platform for intercontinental diasporas to present solutions and strategies for the continent and share their cultures.

Promoting women's talent

Miss Intercontinental Style offers all women an equal opportunity to represent their country and personality regardless of race, creed or culture with respect without discrimination. A contest that celebrates a diverse group of women who are passionate and dedicated to protecting, preserving and promoting individual humanitarian and social uniqueness.

Beauty, Movies, Culture

Based on the latest trends in fashion and film, this competition highlights feminine beauty with great pride in the faces, bodies and relevant and intellectual charm of the candidates. The international competition with its network of agents from six continents and leading national representations provides monthly selections from around the world.

Join the race to be next.

A beauty pageant that celebrates a resolutely diverse group of women, passionate and dedicated to the protection, preservation, promotion of national (unity), rebuilding historical, humanitarian and social individual and collective.



Continental Director

Responsible for all national franchise fee realizations in Asian countries

Members of the intercontinental diaspora



Continental Director

Responsible for all national franchise fee realizations in European countries. President of the Miss Intercontinental Style Contest and of the Intercontinental Diaspora


Africa (Nigeria)


Continental Director

Responsible for all national franchising and implementation rights in Africa – in short, the same responsibility as the others, but in Africa.



Continental Director

Responsible for all achievements of the national franchise rights of North American countries


Our potential candidates are all those girls who want to make a name for themselves in fashion, show business, television, and those who want to pursue a career as a model or business owner.

Participating in the Miss Intercontinental Style Beauty Pageant allows each candidate to:

– Have a great learning experience;

– Deal with other candidates from Africa, Europe, Asia-America, Australia and Oceania

– Improve their image thanks to direct advice from professionals;

– Have the opportunity to win prestigious awards and titles;

– Increase their visibility by participating in all official Miss Intercontinental Style events;

– Build their own future beyond dreams in a very concrete way.

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