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Make your company’s name even more prominent in building a world where everyone feels happy to be there through your participation in Miss Intercontinental Style.


Host country: Cameroon

VLTV INDUSTRIE® INTERNATIONAL COMPANY is a newly created company. It was born in 2019 during its participation in the international beauty contest MISS EUROPE CONTINENTAL CAMEROON 2019 ranked among the world’s startup millstones for the year 2019 – 2020 thanks to the entrepreneurial concept this year she is ranked top 5 startup projects for Istanbul for the world final scheduled for April 2020 in Istanbul she intends to set up a team of women around the world to propose their projects to the potential businessmen investors of the world in order to help the personal and professional development of the young woman and to make the economy of the country more productive, profitable and internationally competitive.

List of Sponsors

miss charity of nigeria
girls action projcet
miss starlet
El cristal
Man of the earth

Participate in the event?

Attach your images to our event and leave your name inscribed in the participation of the cultural and artistic development of Cameroon’s Africa in the international historical re-enactment.